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  • CCM- Critical source for China market across agricultural, chemical, grain and food ingredients fields
    Regulatory Services in Agrochemicals:
  • EU Pesticide Registration (EU-PPP)
    - Product Registration (TC, Formulation)
    - Technical Equivalence assessment (Tire I, Tire II)
    - Regulatory Compliance Analysis Report
    - Dossier compilation
  • US EPA Pesticide Registration
    - Company registration and establish registration (Company number & Establishment number)
    - Annual report submission (prior to 1 March each year)
    - Product Registration
  • China Pesticide Registration
    China Pesticide Registration
    - Product Registration (new pesticide and equivalent product)
    - Risk Assessment Report (mandatorily required under new pesticide regulation)
  • Other Countries Pesticide Registration
    - Application for field trial, temporary and full registration
    - Local representative maintenance (help to hold the registration certificate)
  • Regulatory Report
    - A product-customized analysis on the regulatory scope, tests and data requirement, time costs and practical suggestion on the registration in your destination country
  • Market Report
    - Customized report on the market status of specific product in various multiple perspectives
  • Local Enterprise Formation
    - To complete business registration in overseas region
  • Testing Institution Referral, Supervision and Study Report Review
    - All types of regulatory studies conducted by US and European labs (physical-chemical, 5-batches analysis, toxicity, environmental behavior, eco-toxicological, efficacy and residue)
  • Consulting and Training
    - Practical advisory and instructional services help to solve the regulatory issues
  • QSAR Analysis
    - QSAR Report preparing
  • English and Chinese Translation of Brazilian Pesticide Regulation
    - LAW 7802 (Pesticide Law)
    - Decree 4074 (implementing regulation)
    - ANVISA Ordinance 3 of 1992 (toxicological evaluation)
    - IBAMA Ordinance 84 of 1996 (eco-toxicological evaluation)
    CTA Guidance in 2007 and 2011 (5-batch analysis)
  • On-demand Translation of Legal Documents
    - English to Chinese
    - Chinese to English
    Minority languages to Chinese and English (Portuguese, Spanish and Indonesian)

  • Coverage of Agrochemical Regulatory Services

    For more information about these services,welcome to contact Sophie Chen